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Looking for Livestock Services in Andrews, TX?

Visit Broken Heart Butchery

If you need livestock processing services and want to be sure your livestock is treated humanely, arrange for processing services with Broken Heart Butchery in Andrews, TX. Our meat processing services are completely customizable. We'll be happy to cut the meat any way you like it. We proudly serve West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

Contact us today to arrange for meat processing services.

Stock up on your favorite cuts of meat

Whether you're getting ready for a neighborhood cookout or a family meal, you'll find the cuts of meat you need at our butcher shop. From ground beef to ribeyes, you'll find all the cuts you need to make your meal a success. Best of all, everything is locally sourced and fresh, so you know you'll be getting top-quality meat.

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You'll find all the cookout essentials at our shop

If you're getting ready to host a barbeque, you'll need a lot more than just meat. That's why you should stop by Broken Heart Butchery before you head to the grocery store. In addition to butcher services, you can also count on us for:

  • Beer and wine, to keep everyone happy at your cookout
  • Specialty spices, to add flavor to your meat
  • Condiments, because you can't have a barbeque without the sauce
Stop by our store to start stocking up for your whing-ding.